Telephone surveys, Opinion Polls, Telephone Interviews

  • Political polling – this has long been our specialty and we remain one of the most trusted phone banks in the country for political polls.
  • Government surveys
  • Public opinion polling
  • Data collection - targeted information gathering- this would be things like calling the hunters on the harvest survey to find out whether they were successful in their hunt
  • Customer Satisfaction Interviews
  • Executive Surveys
  • Focus Group Recruitment
  • Online survey design and implementation
  • Outbound and Inbound calling available

Consultation Services

  • Questionnaire layout, design, and structure input is available from our staff that has worked hands on in the phone centers for over 20 years.
  • Dual-frame studies -- Online and telephone combined can be designed and implemented -- SMR also routinely conducts surveys where some respodents opt to self-administer online, while other give their answers over the phone while our operators fill in the online survey form for them.
  • Questionnaire writing consultation is also available through Donna Victoria, the owner of Victoria Research & Consulting, a highly respected survey research firm based in Washington D.C. (
  • Sample management – we have the ability to manage samples by hand or on a computer

Technological Services

  • Onsite and remote (off-site) call monitoring in real time is always available. This ensures that your surveys are being conducted the way you want them to be.
  • Date entry services - Every piece of data that is entered in our facility is entered twice, and then mirrored against each other to insure accuracy.
  • Verbatim answers are always available at client request.