Ruby Standage 
(8/15/32 - 12/28/11)

Ruby Standage founded Standage Market Research, also known as Standage Accurearch, in 1986. She ran her shop for 25 years the way she had been taught, with attention to details, personal touches, and flexibility in dealing with clients’ shifting priorities and various levels of expertise in polling.

Prior to founding her own firm, Ruby worked at Research Services Inc. as the head of field operations, learning every aspect of the call center business.

Ruby lived her entire life in the Denver area. She was a member of the Market Research Association. To this day, her photo graces the offices of Standage Market Research LLC. Here at Standage Research, we have one very simple catchphrase, “WWRD” (What would Ruby do?).

Donna Victoria

Donna Victoria has been a public opinion pollster and a client of Ruby Standage since 1989. She has been the owner of Standage Market Research since February 2012. 

“Having used Standage Market Research as my primary interviewing vendor for my entire career, I could not let such a fine company go to anyone who would not maintain Ruby’s standards.  It’s been a big part of my success over the years, and I know exactly how important quality interviewing is to other clients.”

Kathie Baker

Kathie Baker first worked for Standage Market Research as an interviewer in 1991; she has been an operations manager of call shifts since 2003, and took over day-to-day management of the firm and call center in 2011.


Ruby Standage

Ruby Standage